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Graffiti & Scratch Removal:

  • Remove scratches and graffiti (from all types of glass) ..Commercial Bldgs, residential homes, display cases
  • Remove scratches from new cconstruction or re-models(all types of glass)
  • Remove acid etching ( from all types of glass)
  • Remove any level of Hard water deposits( all types of glass….windows, Shower enclosures etc.)

Protective Coatings: Eliminate Recurrence of Damage

  • Protection against calcium and hardwater (showers, windows near sprinklers)
  • Protection from over exposure to harsh elements
  • Protection from future scratches (graffiti or accidental abrasions)
  • Protection which minimizes cleaning frequency..or need for harsh chemicals

Additional Protective Coating Surfaces:

  • Porcelain….sinks, toilets etc…(protects against water rings etc)
  • Tile …countertops, backsplashes. Showers ( protects against calicium, hard water, scratches from cutting with knives etc.)
  • Any silica based surface

There are a number of things that can cause glass to deteriorate to the point where even a professional cleaning won't be able to restore luster. Some of these include rain, wind, dirt/mud, scratches, and of course glass that goes without cleaning for long periods of time. There are also those windows that lose their luster simply because they are just old. Replacing windows however can be very costly and it's not very good for the environment.

Unfortunately the layperson is relatively unaware that glass restoration is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly but readily available as well. We offer this service at a very fair price and can complete the job swiftly. Here at Stanley Window Cleaning and Restoration we discovered the need for a more in depth service after many years of cleaning windows. It was at that time that we added glass restoration to our already long list of services.

When an individual utilizes our glass restoration services we aim to remove hard water stains, acid etching and the deepest scratches from glass surfaces.We achieve these goals by utilizing the most advanced glass restoration equipment currently available. Our experience coupled with this technology allow us to restore glass surfaces to their original luster and brilliance. Moreover once our glass restoration services are complete our clients can elect to go just a little bit further and have us apply a high quality glass surface coating to the job in order to keep their windows safe for years to come.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to adding this protective coating to one's glass is that it makes the glass easier to clean in the future, increases brilliance, protects beauty, and creates a much more hygienic surface that eliminates need for harsh and sometimes harmful cleaning chemicals. It also strengthens glass by making surfaces more scratch and impact resistance.

If you've got windows or other glass that needs some serious attention be sure to keep our glass restoration services in mind. Glass restoration costs only a fraction of what glass replacement costs so if price is a concern of yours you needn't worry. You also want to remember that we offer protective coatings for a number of other things in addition to glass. These include tile, porcelain, plastics, as well as silica-based surfaces and metals.



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